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 What Do Men/Women Want?

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PostSubject: What Do Men/Women Want?   Wed Jan 16, 2008 6:20 am

Love really is about people coming together to support each other.
All the little tricks and games they play to get their needs met is just that, tricks and games. it would be some much simpler if we honored ourselves and trusted our partners enough to as for what we need. Instead , we wait for them to figure it out: if they don;t, we hold them responsible. What a cruel trick! when we let our partner know up front what we need, we have a greater chance of having the need met.
Don't you agree?
We must first know that our needs is very important. Whether it's hugs, kisses or sex.
Maybe just a walk in the park, watching tv, or even cooking.
Foot rubs reassurance or Hershey syrup and whipped cream,ok I'm getting freaky here(lol)
Once we let our partner know what we need, we must accept their honesty answer as to whether or not they can meet those needs.
IF they cannot, we must then decide if these are the people we want in our life.
This is coming straight from my soul here. It took me a long time to get there.
Feed back people....
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What Do Men/Women Want?
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