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 Chicago Bulls Trade

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PostSubject: Chicago Bulls Trade   Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:55 am

Chicago Bulls Trade (Spinoff of Laker/Bulls suggested trade recently)?
So yeah ESPN.com has a trade machine.. this thread is for idea's for the bulls.. I recently done this one regarding a recent statement from an article i read in the paper about a Wallace for Kwame/Radmnovich, but added another team.. What do you think?

We lose Wallace, Thomas, Hinrich, Krypwhatever..

We GAIN: Gasol, Conley (from memphis), Radmon and Kwame Brown (yes i know, but his contract expires this year and will free up 9 MIL for our salary cap.... Below is a link showing the trade works ;]



PG- Conley - Du
SG- Sef - Gordon
SF- Deng - Noc - Rad
PF- Noah/Gasol - Smith - Rad
C - Noah/Gasol - Gray - Brown

Also if you have better trade suggestions (Realistic please) please post the trademachine link with it!
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Chicago Bulls Trade
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