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 Please interpret!?

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PostSubject: Please interpret!?   Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:55 pm

Please interpret!?
Well, when I go to sleep, or think about D-Day or world war 2 I get this recurring dream or thought. Alright, its about 2 or 3 days after the invasion of Normanday. I am a United States ranger. My unit pushed into a little town not far away from the beaches of normandy. I am crouching behind a fence. There is a church steeple on the other side of the fence. One soldier is crouching behind me and a medic and another soldier are in front of me. It is a cloudy day and it is raining. I look over the fence into the steeple. I see a flash. Then the soldier in front of the medic is shot. The medic tends to his wounds. Then the guy behind me is shot. I look over the fence again and bring my rifle up too. I see a sniper. I try to pull the trigger but I can't. I then see a flash of light from the steeple and drop to the ground bleeding. The rain gets in my eyes so i could hardly see. While the medic is tending to my wounds, he is shot. I then see bright light and, I think I die.
I thought this was interesting, read it on yahoo. like to give them thier answer if you have one.
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Please interpret!?
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