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 Importance of OSHA Standards

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PostSubject: Importance of OSHA Standards   Wed May 08, 2013 10:39 pm

The more sophistication humankind achieve through machines there are more chances of inflicting injuries. Think of a world free from road accidents, it will be also a world free from automobiles. Therefore, such a drastic reversal is impossible. The only way to stay safe is by following some standards. For example, traffic regulations to avoid accidents. The same principle is applicable for workplaces. The induction of highly complex and heavy machineries into the workplace has called for the implementation of some standards. This is the exact reason why the US Congress has set a standard to follow so as to avert workplace accidents. Occupational Health and Safety Act or osha is a set of standards thus created by the US congress to maintain workplace safety.
According to OSHA standards, the employer has many responsibilities to fulfil for his employees with regard to their health and safety. The employees have the right to work on conditions that does not pose threat to their lives. The employees working in oil and gas industries must be informed about the chemical and other health hazards that are hidden in their workplace. If the employers fail to follow the norms set by OSHA, the law will take its course on them.
The OSHA Training Institutes are a network of organizations authorized by OSHA to deliver occupational safety and health training to private sector employees, supervisors, and employers. Expert trainers who have immense experience in workplace health and safety handle OSHA courses.
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Importance of OSHA Standards
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